"And so it begins" is a psudo famous line from Babylon 5, a great american television show. In it captures the essence of a new begining. 'And' helps us to realize that this is not the beginging, but we are adding onto something else. 'So' means that we are continuing that which has already started. 'It' refers to that which not only has alredy transpired, but also that which is coming ahead. 'Begin' is the meat. This is the word where all of it comes into view. We may have a past, but it no longer matters. What we are now looking for is the future, but will not forget our past. That's pretty much what my goal for this little space on the web is for. I am begining anew. I have just purchesed this domain, i plan on keeping it for quite a while. Since i have an opinion, and no one to talk to, i let you, my little audience, hear me out. Now, keep in mind, i don't plan on being like every other rant website out ther. By far not. This is a website for my programing projects primarily, but by far that's not all. I have a view of the world, and i have information i want you to know. This can be a wide range of items, including bits from a book i might be tossing around, pictures, letters to groups, general rantings, etc. If i want it in here, you'll see it.

My original name for this was Atrodo Weekly. Why? Because it was going to be a once a week, and in that tradition, i will try to post them once a week. I might get a little off, but i'll give you new content as often as possiable. You'll just have to be on your toes and find me when i post new rants. Makes it more fun i think. So sit back, relax, and get ready for more information then you need, but hopefully enough that you will be able to change some perspectives on life.

"And so it begins."



Note: This is an archived website. I built this between 2000 and 2004 and in some small way I feel that it has defined how I view my online presence. Although it's been years since I've updated, I have decided to keep it in its original glory and preserve it instead of replacing it with a blank page. Enjoy this glimpse into my younger self.