And so it came to pass, in the sixth age of the humanity which dominated the inner world. With in this domain rose an empire. An empire so powerful and unknown, that all that was alive, all that had breath, in one failed moment lost all that they had known. With in this inner world of one brave soul, who had nothing to gain, and nothing to lose, rose up and unknowingly sent the new empire into a frenzy. None could stop him, and none even knew him. For this man was a native. Long before the inner world was invaded in the second age, the natives lived, and they kept themselves from the humanity until the empire came upon them. It was the empire decided that these natives should also come upon thier control. They could not speak to them, for thier tongue was forigen. And even worse, some could not talk at all. Instead, people just knew what they thought. He was one of them. The empire did not believe in this idea, for they could not hear his wishes. But others could hear him, and they helped him. They helped the man that lead the revolt that freed thier souls, and they never knew it was him. Within the line of death as they called it, he waited among the giants that were cold and lifeless, and he saw the one thing that he knew he would live for. He saw a women that was not native, yet so beutiful to him that he would stop at nothing to recive him in his arms. He struggles against the line to her, and reaches her. As she feels his love for her, she responds with her love. An undying love that would conquor death among any obsticals. But the line of death seperated them. As they seperated, he fought the crowds, and fought, but the tide was too heavy. His thoughts grow stonger and stronger, but the hopelessness and ignorence drowned his thoughts. As no-one heard him, he moved back into the inner reaches of his soul and got lost among the people. He became nameless, a man among the crowd. As everyone loses hope, so does he. He becomes another victim of the empire. He becomes a shell. He becomes the no-body the emipre would like him to be. But there was something diffrant about this man. His shell gave up less easily then him and the mindless crowds around him. It searched and searched for a reason to not become just a shell with a hopeless soul. Then it saw her. It shaked and shaked him, trying and trying to get his attention. But it was in vain. The shell did not give up easily though. It grew it's own soul in an instant, and moved towards her. She saw his empty shell and saw that his love not days ago ravaged in flames the size of cold giants that surronded them had dissappeared. She took him with in her hands, and tried to revive his retreated soul. As she cuddles her loved shell, they depart themselves from the world around them, and the world around them notices. As the crowds see the dedication of one women for a single man, and not worry about herself, they began to come alive. Thier hopes began to raise, and their shells began to fill with a soul, and the world began to look upon the man who had so retreated, and the women who wanted to join him so bad that he became her world. She becomes desprite, and kisses him. This act of sacred devotion, saved among the natives for those that are dedicated for a life together. As the lips touch, the soul is shaken. It starts not as a spark, but as an explosion. The hope of being saved the misery of a trapped soul death had so been trapped up, that had to be let go from a soul that trapped it. This explosion spread to all those that had been captiavted by this couple. The let thier hope explode, and as thier hope exploded, they became as the man, unable to speak but thier wills became clear to all. Each explosion opened another explosion, and the hope of love became the only feeling of any one among the captives. Those that could feel the presence of such hope gained and passed it on. As the fire of hope grew, the knowledge that they would not be held by these captures became clear, and the revolt began. No arms were take up, and lives were lost. They just began to live again. Hope and love flowed through thier vains, and the empire could not stop them. Any force applied to them would just disappear. It was because of one man, unaware of his importance, of his life, of his effect on everyone that set them free. He never cared either. He too, just lived, unaffected by any oppostion, because Love and Hope were his reasons for living, and they were the ones who really began the revolt.



Note: This is an archived website. I built this between 2000 and 2004 and in some small way I feel that it has defined how I view my online presence. Although it's been years since I've updated, I have decided to keep it in its original glory and preserve it instead of replacing it with a blank page. Enjoy this glimpse into my younger self.