Jon Kid, Kid Eye's First Case

The Fast Geese

It was a dark and stormy night. Acually it wasn't stormy or dark. Come to think of it, it wasn't even night. It was a sunny spring day in may. While strollin through the park one day, my Super Automatic 3x TSV model 2 rented five years ago and hasn't been paid for pager beeped. YES! A client.

At the Client's house...

"Yes mam, I'm Jon Kid, Kid Eye, what's wrong?"

"My geese were stolen!"

"Tell me about it."

Flashing Back...

"Well, I was here cleaning my goose cage when Buffly and Snuffly, my two best geese, dissappeared."

Flashing Forward...

And that's my story. Jon, you okay?"

"Yeah, it's just this magic of writing with me instantly at your house and these flashbacks."

"Will you take my case?"

"Yes, but just give me the facts. I'm Jon Kid, Kid Eye, a 90's kid acting as a 1950's Chicago Detecive. I'm the first Eye in Tennis Shoes."

"Well, I gave you all the facts."

"Well I'm glad I said that so I don't have to travel for a while."

While Jon Kid, Kid Eye is riding to the Library...

This is what I do for cases like this. Ride to the library then go to Wendy's. Eat some food and then treat my self to a nice cool non-dairy creamy thing.

A while after he ate at Wendy's...

Shout! I wanted to eat. Oh Well. Now let's see. "Geese, Wonder of Nature" or "Geese that magically Dissappear." Geese that Magically Dissappear is the book I want.

And the Book said this about the case.

Geese have been kown to spontanus combust without sign of flames or anything. But some believe that some cosmic force just takes them away. What ever the case NO ONE would see the thief take her geese, Kid.


With Jon Kid, Kid Eye back at his office...

What? Was that book talking to me or did I miss something?

Ring. Ring.

"Yes, Jon Kid, Kid Eye."

"Jon, I filmed the scene."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I forgot."

"What does it show?"

"Just my geese disappearing."

"No help there, call me if some thing shows." Reason I said that was becauseI just got an idea for solving this case. When i think I know what happened, I'll apply it.

While Jon reads some of his old flash comics...

Wait a minute.

Ring. Ring.

"Jon Kid, Kid Eye."

"Jon, I played the tape in slow motion and..."

"You saw a man in one of the scenes."

"Yes, how did you know?"

"A little flash of light told me."


"Can't tell you right now. I'll be right over."

At Her House...

"Mam, I'm going to apply what the thief did. He's so fast taht you couldn't see him. But the camera. He's a freak of nature." And then I took a goose and ran the direction the thief would have gone, upon stoping i found the geese and the thief.

"Yes Kid, I took the geese, I'm starving."

"Wellyou won't be starving in jail."

"That system," the client asked, "you have, what's it called?"

"C.A.T.S. Crime Appling Tactics System." And the flash was put in jail because of Jon Kid, Kid Eye, and C.A.T.S."

"Just call me Kid."



Note: This is an archived website. I built this between 2000 and 2004 and in some small way I feel that it has defined how I view my online presence. Although it's been years since I've updated, I have decided to keep it in its original glory and preserve it instead of replacing it with a blank page. Enjoy this glimpse into my younger self.