A little more about us by someone special

Well, here is another rant by Christina, his wonderful finacée. I have come to fill you in on the news between Jon and me, since he doesn't. We have set our wedding date. It will be December 20, 2003. So basically a year from now. We have been dating now just shy of two years and have been engaged for over a year. We are both planning on graduating college next December which is the reason why we are having such a long engagement. That is good advice, to wait until you are out of college to get married. :-) I do not go to the same school as Jon. I go to school about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is another reason why we are wating.

But that is enough about the reasons why we are waiting. If you want to know more, email Jon. What else is new between us. Not really anything. We have our Christmas plans all figured out, and it is going to be another Christmas apart. Oh well, next year. :-)

I am not a computer person, so I cannot put anything down relating to computers. I am a youth/educational ministries major. I am going to be a children's pastor. So I can talk to you about that, but I won't. I probably should go since I have nothing really important to say. Except, I love Jon!



Note: This is an archived website. I built this between 2000 and 2004 and in some small way I feel that it has defined how I view my online presence. Although it's been years since I've updated, I have decided to keep it in its original glory and preserve it instead of replacing it with a blank page. Enjoy this glimpse into my younger self.