Rule the world.

Alright. No Rants. Ever. Sorry. I've got a page long list of items to rant about, but never the motivation to accually rant. Well, tonight is diffrant. Why? I'm installing Gnome. Yes, last semester, I built Linux From Scratch. Thought I'd learn a lot, and I did. That "./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome && make && sudo make install" is a long, tedious process. And to boot, it's frustrating. It's my machine. I dual boot it with a very nice, very well configured Windows 98. It's my machine and I can't configure it how I like. Configuration on Linux is a nightmare. So many files in so many places. To get my new USB mouse to work, oh, that was a long long night. All the walkthroughs I've seen suck. And the directory structure is the thing i hate the most. Why do they insist on everything being in /, or /usr? Why can't all my programs go in to an individual, discriptive directory, and all my libraries in an individual, discriptive folder inside a library folder? You know, like DOS? Back in DOS, you installed a program into a folder, and when you wanted to delete it, you deleted the folder. And it was gone. All of it. Those were good days. So, let's do it. Let's change the world for the better. Right before i boot linux, i think that maybe this time i could make the switch. Then after i boot, i realize why i don't do it more often. It frustrates me. Every boot into linux makes me want to finish DWin. But, that might just be me in a pipe dream, where normal people can operate a computer. People like me can accually administer it. Programmers like me can accually program for it. I mean, how radical of a concept is that, really? So, DWin is going to happen. Even if i am the only one ever to use it, it will be done, and it will be good. And after that, i will change the world.



Note: This is an archived website. I built this between 2000 and 2004 and in some small way I feel that it has defined how I view my online presence. Although it's been years since I've updated, I have decided to keep it in its original glory and preserve it instead of replacing it with a blank page. Enjoy this glimpse into my younger self.