Yes, idiots. They exist, believe it or not. The worst are professors with over inflated egos. So take this for example: A certain professor, here on campus, wants SPSS installed in Miller 32. Okay, first thing in my mind is: Why can't he do it himself? But as a good working minion, I do it for him, easy. Last week, as a part of my on going project, I do some experiments with the image, and at the end, reimage the lab. Problem was I forget to reinstall SPSS. Whoops, my bad. The professor gets word to me that there is a problem with it, so I go over, (after, i might add, i was suppose to go home) and get him up and ready for class. Okay, right? Nope. I went back tuesday to clean the image (like I need to do for all 10 or so labs that i am dealing with this summer) and I reinstalled SPSS. Whoops, I didn't realize it didn't go through. So last night, he calls up saying he has a problem. I go over, I help him out again, this time it wasn't entirely SPSS. What's the first thing you do when you get odd errors after you log in, like, oh i dunno, out of memory? Reboot! What does Dr. Idiot do? Calls helpdesk. No troubleshooting of his own, I'm required to go over and do it. So I do. I've been getting a problem of computers running out of memory for some odd reason, dunno why, but it goes away when you reboot. I should send out a memo to all the professors on campus that if a lab machine goes wrong, you reboot. Back to the story. He knows how to install SPSS manually. Not that hard, I've seen his students do it the week before, why he can't figure out for himself that he should just tell his students to install it manually, I don't know. What does he do instead? Calls helpdesk! So I go over, step these poor students (WHO ARE TEACHERS!) through the process of reinstalling SPSS on the machines that didn't work. Why did I need to go over? Oh, I didn't too, since he knew how to install this manually but chose not to. But I went over and helped anyways. So I come into work this morning, evidently Dr. Idiot called one of my "Bosses" (I say that not to mean that he acts like my boss but isn't, but because he isn't directly boss over me) and tells me that he was "Embaressed" about the problem last night, and that if it happened again, he would push for me being "Terminated". Why? Because I made two simple mistakes and went over to correct them. Oh, and he can do it. Why? Because the rest of the school is all ga-ga over having him since he's such a GREAT professor that he's gotten a couple awards about being professor of the year for some large amount of professors (not just here on campus). At least, that's my theory. Now, why a professor has the ablity to fire me, I don't know. Seems kinda stupid to me, but yet he can.

So? what's wrong Dr. Idiot? Too "Embarressed" that you had to install the freaking program yourself? Too "Embarressed" because I screwed up? Ask yourself, is this any real reason to have me fired? Because I messed up and TRIED EVERY FREAKING POSSIBLITY TO MAKE UP FOR IT? You are the problem I have with this univeristy. You expect IT to walk you through every freaking thing. We try and be nice, we try and be polite and help, but you make our lives difficult. We are not your minions, we have stuff to do besides take your prescious little hand and walk you through your computer problems. That's what makes us differant from you: We accually FIGURE THE DAMN THING OUT, and not rely on Helpdesk to do everything. Damn it Dr. Idiot, you are too stuipd to be trusted with a lab. I'm never helping you ever again.



Note: This is an archived website. I built this between 2000 and 2004 and in some small way I feel that it has defined how I view my online presence. Although it's been years since I've updated, I have decided to keep it in its original glory and preserve it instead of replacing it with a blank page. Enjoy this glimpse into my younger self.