Delphi - The programming language I want.

I know, everyone call me a bum (::a large, loud "BUM" is echoed through the earth::), but what can i say? i have yet to be in the habit of ranting. It's not that i haven't had rant material, it's just i haven't got into the mood. I promise, i'll try a little harder. Well, that's not what this rant is about. This one is all about Delpi, Borland's Pascal dirived Rapid Application Development programming suite.

So begining of the school year i downloaded a free Delphi trial edition. I tinkered with it a bit, but didn't do much because, well, i didn't know what to do. When i program, i just can't program, i need a goal. Well, at the same time, OggVorbis had just released a version that does coupled stereo (each channel, if similiar enough, will be the diffrance of another channel), and i really wanted to try it out. Sad thing though, Sonique could not handle these new Vorbis files. So what was a man to do? Easy, after attempting to build Vorbis on cygwin (and be rather unsuccessful), you try to build it in your Delphi trial edition. And i was successful! Man, when i got Newsboys's Shine to play after spending half the night trying to get the pcm out on windows to work (accually, fairly easy), i was so excited. I had built my own media player. So i continued to work on it until my trial ran out, and i ended up getting it done. I got it sorta skinable (all the buttons and background can be changed) and it'll only play ogg vorbis files. That's okay though, because that's all i need it for.

Delphi exposed one minor problem once i was done. I had gotten Sync (my new ogg player) to the point where i was happy with using it for any Oggs that i might encode. One thing i didn't think would happen was that Borland would not let trial edition programs work past the trial edition. Kind of something i don't like, but hey, it's thier product. Well, i wanted to use sync on something that resembled a regular basis, so i went in and i removed the part of the program that would tell you that the trial edition was up in sync. If i was going to mass distribute it, yea, maybe i'd have a problem with it, but since i'll probably only use it for myself, i hope Borland is okay that i did that. I will, however, make a copy available, but you have to realize that this is probably a contract breached copy and you probably shouldn't use it, so i'm going to give away sources too. If someone wants to recompile it, please do and send me a copy.

Now, about Delphi. I have got to say, that is a fine programming language. With properties, making accessors and mutators into normal variables, it is a nice thing. That feature alone made me fall in love with it. That, and it's basically Pascal, which is my native programming language. It was easy to use, everything was laid out of me, i could set the default properites. I liked it. I am defently in the market to buy one when i have the money, and i think you should to. It's defiently RAD, like Visual Basic or even Java, but it's not a vm or interperted, it's fast, and isn't what i consider a second rate language (which VB and java are). It's just so nice, i don't know what else to say.



Note: This is an archived website. I built this between 2000 and 2004 and in some small way I feel that it has defined how I view my online presence. Although it's been years since I've updated, I have decided to keep it in its original glory and preserve it instead of replacing it with a blank page. Enjoy this glimpse into my younger self.