Atrodo - Part 1

Jonen's First Voyage to Atarabo

    It was late at night, Jon's seventh year of school.  He was busy programming.  He had lost all track of time.  He then heard a voice.
    "Help us!  Please, help us!" the voice said.  And it got light out.  Not a light like the sun rising, a light like a spotlight shining into his room.  Jon being a curious being, went outside.  When he reached the back yard, there he saw a red, pulsating rectangle with a semicircle at the top and bottom.  
    "Be not afraid, Jon, for I am the Lord.  Many years I created another people, on a  planet called Atarabo.  They were created with all their knowledge already in their heads.  But now, the Devil, which they call the Guardian, is trying to deceive the world in hopes that he can conquer Earth with this footstep.  This world needs a hero.  I have selected you to be their savior.  Go! get your piece of copper you forged many years ago, and enter the Sungate."
    Jon, believing in his faith more than ever, obeyed the Lord.  Jon found himself in another world.  It was busy activity. In middle-aged clothes, people walked by and sort of stared at him.  Finally, someone walked up to him and spoke.
    "Hello, I am Jano," he said.  "You must be The Atrodo."
    "The what?" Jon replied.
    "The Atrodo.  The man from another land that has more courage than anyone on Atarabo.  It was
foretold in the Ancient Book of God, our word from God,"  Jano explained.  "It was said you would come in our direst our of need, but most people believe this is Atarabo's greatest time."
    "I am all confused.  Please, begin at the beginning,"  Jon requested.
    "Okay.  The Lord created this world many years ago.  It was created in the middle of activity.  He created a whole population at once.  The Elders, the ones created at the beginning, had full knowledge.  There are only nine remaining Elders.  The Lord also created the Ancient Book of God, where we could learn about God's will. There is a whole book on the Atrodo.  That is where you were foretold.
    "Our land consists of thirteen city-states, and two main continents, with  three orbiting moons.
One has a day orbit, one a month, and one a year orbit.  We are blocked from your scientists because we are only two light-years away, with an anomaly called a white hole: a later phase of a black hole.  Come, the elders could tell you more."  And so Jano led Jon to a castle where the elder of the city resided.  The Elder could not tell Jon much more, but after he dismissed his guards and court, he did tell Jon more.
    "Atrodo, this land is losing faith in the Lord.  They do not believe the Elders anymore, and now are making multiple gods, the Guardian being the greatest.  They use them to explain how the world works.  We now are at war with each other all the time.  I fear the Guardian is an Evil being wanting to overtake this world.  Please, I was the one who sent for you."
    "Yes, the Lord has told me the Guardian is Satan,"  Jon remarked.
    "Yes.  Please, turn the faith of the people back to the Lord."
    "I shall try," Jon said.  Jano and Jon left the castle. As they strolled around the city, Jano asked some questions.
    "We need to choose a new name for you.  Jon is not an Atarabo name.  How about 'Jonen',  instead?"
    "Sure, that works," Jonen replied.



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