DWin roadmap

Updated 01/09/03:

I have updated this roadmap to reflect how DWin is coming along. The problem is at the end of school, I was not really into doing much in the way of programming. I got kind of frustrated at DWin because I no longer had a direction tha was fesable. I did good with the old Roadmap up until i go to the January deadline, which was to have it compile in 32-bit mode. Well, I couldn't get it to work real easily, and i didn't know what else to do. So that's what DWin has been on a hiatus for 3 or so months. Well, it's changing. I've started work on some DTK Widgets, and have had an idea for a base object type for several types of objects, namely drivers, network and IPC. It's called TIO, and it's a simple represntation object of Input/Output streams. What's in it is a task for March. So, the roadmap has been updated for that, and this is what that roadmap now looks like.

Feb '03 - 0.82.3 - Major DTK Widget designed and implemented.
Mar '03 - 0.83.0 - TIO defined and ready for use by other classes.
May '03 - 0.83.2 - Drivers use TIO as a base for I/O.
Jun '03 - 0.83.3 - Interprocess Communication is alive and ready.
Sep '03 - 0.84.0 - ???

Orignal 03/11/02:
Well, a night early (or maybe it's a week late) i'm giving you some info to gnaw on. In the past week or so, i have come up with an idea that i feel will fuel the DWin development for the next year, giving me clear cut direction on what needs to happen. Right now i'm about to start work on fleshing out the menu systems. Beyond that, DWin, purely functionally wise, does not need that much more fleshing. Some commands here and there, but the major objects (gfx, dtk, win, desk, hots, drv) are in a form that has functionality. Well anyways, the roadmap is as follows, and covers the next 12 months, up to next march when i'll be re-evaluating the goals. (All versions are assuming once a month .0.1 releases, which are subject to change)

Feb '02 - 0.81.2 - major window and i/o driven items in good shape.
June '02 - 0.81.6 - The rest of the internals get fleshed out.
Sept '02 - 0.82.0 - Brow (and maybe another program) are up and running independently
Jan '03 - 0.83.0 - DWin compiles under 32-bit mode
Feb '03 - 0.83.1 - DWin has been security audited (buffer overflows and possiable exploits rooted out)
Mar '03 - 0.83.2 - File format for both 16 and 32 bit modes has a first draft and Draak (or another compiler?) is able to produce apporiate code.



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