Our trip to Texas by the better half :-)

First, let me tell you who I am. I am Jon's fiancée. I do not know how much he has said, but we have been dating almost a year and a half. We have been engaged since September and are getting married in another year and half. I know, a long time. I tried telling him that, but it went in one ear and out the other. That is okay though, I still love him. Well, I should get on with what this message is about, our trip to Texas.

Texas was our first vacation together. We went down there to visit his brother and sister-in-law in Austin. We flew down on a Saturday and flew back on a Thursday. It was so much fun.

The plane trip on Saturday was uneventful. We were in front of a couple who had a small child. She cried the whole time we were in the air. Once we hit the ground she stopped crying. I think she was thankful to be on solid ground again.

On Saturday night, after we got there, we went to his brother's favorite (and I mean FAVORITE) restaurant, Chuy's. It is a really good Tex-Mex restaurant. Sunday we went to church in the morning and in the evening we went geo-caching. You enter a location in a GPS and go try to find it. Once you find the spot there should be a Tupperware container with trinkets and a log in it. You can put a trinket in or take one out. Also, you can log your experience. For more information go to: We had a lot of fun. We tried to do two locations close to each other. We found the first one pretty easily. At the second location we could not find it. We had the general area, but could not find the container. Oh well. We had hiked two miles that day and were we tired!

On Monday we went to San Antonio. We went to the Riverside Mall, the Alamo, and experienced the river walk It was a little cool that day, but it was a neat experience. I have heard about the Alamo in school and it was interesting to experience it real life. In the garden there was a huge oak tree. Some of the limbs had to be supported by metal poles. Jon joked that it had to take a long time to grow those.

We went to Zilker Park with Jon's sister-on-law on Tuesday. She went in a kayak and Jon and I were in a canoe. We had to see if we could pass the "couple test." The lake was in downtown Austin. It was very neat. We did see tons of turtles. We were out there two hours and we did get sunburned. We did put on sunscreen, but it was the spray kind. So, we were protected in spots. We were told later that we failed our test, but I do not believe it. After we got back on land we went to downtown Austin to the state capital. It was a very interesting building. I wish I had room to tell of all that I learned. I did get to see a portrait of President Bush. It was amongst the other portraits of all the previous governors in the rotunda.

Wednesday the theme for the day was Star Wars. I have not seen Episodes IV, V, and VI (I know I am deprived). So Jon and I sat in front of a big screen TV and watch six hours of Star Wars. Afterwards we went to the Country Line. It is a restaurant that was described to us as, "meat, meat and more meat." We also got our picture taken with a big spare rib. So we are on their wall of fame.

Of course on Thursday we flew back. We did have a delay of about an hour in St. Louis due to weather. We were separated at first, because the flights were both full. Fortunately, people were willing to trade spots. We were both thankful.

Most people tried telling us that we would have problems with security, so we should add extra time to our schedule. Well, we had no problems at all. We were not even chosen to do a random check as we were boarding the plane. It was cool in Austin were we could do self-ticketing. If we had purchased our tickets over the Internet we could go through and get the tickets ourselves. It was fun.

We really enjoyed our trip. This was my first time flying since I was a toddler. So I have some memories of flying. I am glad I went on this trip. I am also glad that I got to spend it with someone special to me.




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